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Healthy eating

The 30-day Wellness Guide:
more strength and vitality in your everyday life

It's really simple: you are what you eat. Did you know that your skin cells are replaced every 35 days? And that the cells in critical organs such as your liver are renewed every month? Your body creates these new cells out of the food that you consume.

What you eat literally becomes you. You yourself have the choice of what you want to be made of. Below, you will find some valuable information and tips that you can easily incorporate straight away into your everyday life. Enjoy it.

1.    Natural food vs. manufactured food

What we eat affects not only our body but even our environment and our climate. Learn about organic farming in your area. By supporting local farmers you will be enhancing the local economy, your environment and your health.

Because the "purer" your food is, the easier it is for your body to digest. Remember: the most important thing is that your food should be of natural origin.

2.    Take time with your food

Did you know that eating a meal with others makes you more relaxed? Or that if you are distracted during your meal (by a mobile phone, a TV, a newspaper and so on) you will feel less full, even though you will usually have eaten more?

So be careful about how you eat your meals and take your time over them – it is important for you.

Your body will thank you for it!

3.    Give your cells what they need

Coffee, soft drinks, sweetened fruit juice, alcohol, energy drinks? Ditch them. Why? 
They burden your body pointlessly with extra calories. What's more, they extract water from your cells when you should be providing them with more fluids.

It's better, therefore, to stick to water and unsweetened herbal teas.

Tip: Improve the quality of your drinking water with magnetic water-wands.

Get yourself going:

    - Try out one (or more) of the above tips today.
    - Plan and organise your mealtimes so that your eating intentions don't get drowned out by everyday life
    - Keep a food diary. That will give you an overview of what you are eating and how your body responds to different foods. (Do you feel listless, fit, do you want to go and do some sport, are you sluggish...?)
    - Incorporate this affirmation into your everyday life. "I am consciously and lovingly choosing nourishing food for my body."

Do you want more? Do you want to make peace with your food, feel at ease in your body and not have to give anything up?

Don't go on a diet but instead set the course for a sustainable change to your health.

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