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Energy with purpose

The 30-day Wellness Guide:
more strength and vitality in your everyday life

Do you want to get the best out of yourself? Lead a life full of joy and fulfilment? Shine brightly in all areas of your life? Then start moving! Why is that so important? Because it has been shown that people who partake regularly in sport are generally happier and more content in life. And they don't need any wonder-pills!

They live more in the here and now, and they maintain a positive feeling about their bodies. In turn, that gives them the strength and vigour to get to grips with life. That's a great result from just a few minutes' movement a day.

1.    Be creative

If you haven't yet found your sport, then devote yourself to finding something that you enjoy doing. Do you love nature? Do you prefer doing your sports activities alone or with other like-minded people?

Be creative, test out ideas and find something that you will really enjoy!

2.    The simpler the better

Integrate movement into everyday life. Instead of sitting in your office at lunchtime, ask your favourite colleague if she'd like to go for a walk with you, or go and stretch your legs by yourself. Maybe there's a nice park round the corner, or a river or lake?

And one simple way of integrating movement into your everyday life – take the stairs!

2.    Make it fun

Make sure that moving your body around is fun. That's the way to make it not just a short-term fitness programme but a lifestyle change.

Sustainable and healthy!

Tip: Support your physical wellbeing and energy levels with magnetic power hearts.

You know that feeling that you get after a great exercise session? The feeling that you could tear trees out of the ground?

You can have that every day. In the MAGNETIX Wellness Guide, we show you how.

"Look after your body.
It's the only place you have to live."
John Rohn

With the aid of our MAGNETIX Wellness Guide, you will learn in the coming weeks just how healing it can be to put aside a little time each day for body and soul. By means of targeted measures in your everyday life, you can achieve a significant improvement to your wellbeing and your attitude towards life. We will enjoy supporting you.

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