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MagnetStep foot reflex zone mat grey 4808
MagnetStep foot reflex zone mat grey 4808
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Product Description

The MagnetStep foot reflex zone mat can be used in many ways. It promotes well-being and ensures for effective full body relaxation.

Foot reflex zones

Countless nerve tracts run from the soles of the feet to the various internal organs. If these organs are stimulated via a pressure point massage on the soles of the feet, e.g. using pebbles, this should have a positive effect on the whole body. This is why walking barefoot on a gravel beach or on barefoot walking paths is very popular.

Barefoot relaxation with the foot reflex zone mat with magnets

The Magnetix Wellness foot reflex zone mat builds exactly on this health promoting principle. The replica pebbles massage all pressure points located on the bottom of the foot. This increases well-being and activates the complete foot, leg and postural muscles.

The pebble beach for at home

The different size replica stones allow for different sensory impressions: Large stones provide a firm, powerful massage - this promotes the circulation of the feet and strengthens the tendons of all the toes. The massage through small stones has a pleasant effect on the entire body and on the motor skills. Treat yourself to this soothing experience!

10 minute short break for your feet

The foot reflex zone mat combines effective massage effects with powerful magnets - this gives both body and mind balance. Even short sessions for 10 minutes twice a day are enough to strengthen your foot muscles and gently relax them. Especially for cold feet and heavy legs, the foot reflex zone mat provides for a feeling of well-being.

Watch the Video to learn more about the MagnetStep foot reflex zone mat

Product features

Polarity North
Magnets 12
Tesla 0.12
Size_MM 500.0 mm x 500.0 mm
Material Silicone
Color Grey