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We make your favourite item using your favourite colour

These new magnetic accessories have extra strong magnets and backs made of copper. Wear it exactly where you want to by simply attaching it with its counter plate to your clothing.

Wellness and symbolic power

The lotus flower has a special microscopic texture that causes dirt and contamination to form into beads and simply roll off which has made it into a symbol of perfection and purity. The power of magnets and the symbolic power of the lotus flower and its colours are combined to create these perfect magnetic accessories.

Colours and their effects

Colour and light are forms of energy. Colours affect the human body in the same way as magnets. Both communicate with the somatic cells as electromagnetic waves. Every colour possesses its own special effect.


Chakras are seven special locations in the body at which we are particularly aware of our energies and where external and internal impulses are received and processed. The seven chakras represent force centres of the body, connecting certain feelings to particular areas of the human physique.

3 Steps to a triple effect

  1. Choose the colour card which you intuitively like the most.
  2. Click on the colour card to learn more.
  3. Order your chakra magnets.
white purple blue green yellow orange red

The Root chakra

  • at the base of the spine,
  • coccyx
Colour: red
Effect: energises and earths
Red has an invigorating effect and stands for warmth and lo ...
Nr. 2292


  • sexual organs
Colour: orange
Effect: physical attraction,closeness, eroticism
Orange has an optimistic effect and radiates joie de vivre. ...
Nr. 2291

The Solar plexus chakra

  • surrounding the navel
Colour: yellow
Effect: soothes anxiety and stress, creates balance
Yellow stimulates the imagination and stands for serenity. ...
Nr. 2290

The Heart chakra

  • at the level of the spine
  • where the heart is located
Colour: green
Effect: strengthens empathy and metabolism
Green has a calming effect and boosts concentration. Our p ...
Nr. 2289

The Throat chakra

  • the gorge
  • (at the intersection of the throat and body)
Colour: blue
Effect: sense of responsibility and communication
Blue has a harmonising effect and promotes communication. ...
Nr. 2288

The Forehead chakra

  • between the eyebrows
Colour: purple
Effect: enhances reasoning powers and intuition and balances body, mind and feelings
Violet promotes mental equilibrium and strength of purpose. ...
Nr. 2287

The Crown chakra

  • at the fontanelle,
  • the highest part of the head
Colour: white (If all luminous colours are projected together, the mixture results in white.)
Effect: turning towards good, as understood by the individual
White is the colour that contains all colours. It has a rad ...
Nr. 2286

Chakra Magnet Set

Chakra magnet set for wellness professionals An attractive specia ...
Nr. 2304EN

Chakra magnet set for wellness professionals

An attractive special offer for spa’s, wellness centres etc. Impress your customers by using the chakra magnets during spa treatments, massage etc. The chakra magnets are also ideal for retail sale. For further information about resale please follow the link.